Travel Package™ – 3 items One Package!

International SIM Card

Just swap your regular SIM card with our International SIM card before traveling and stay connected with your friends and family.

• Save up to 95% in international roaming charges

• Low cost calls, Data and SMS worldwide

• Free incoming calls in over 95 countries

• Worldwide coverage

• Changing or Adding a new SIM? That takes about 15 seconds!

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Prepaid Mastercard® card

The Flamingo Prepaid Card is a Mastercard® card and can be used in millions of locations worldwide.

• You can Withdraw money from ATM Machines worldwide bearing the Mastercard® card Acceptance Mark

• You can spend at any store, shop, or restaurant etc. that accepts Prepaid Mastercard®(POS)

• You can use your Flamingo Prepaid Mastercard® to shop online

• You can have your card Re-loaded as your card is a re-loadable Prepaid Mastercard®

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Flamingo IPTV

Turn your Android device into a portable television! Enjoy 3000+ live TV channels anywhere you go. No Cables, No Antennas. Download now and get 1 month access to the best of US,India television in one app. You’ll find all your favourites, including BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, MTV and Eurosport.

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  • Your Travel Package™ Includes the International SIM Card, the Prepaid MasterCard®, the Flamingo IPTV app
The Prepaid MasterCard® is only available to residents of the SEPA region